Flash Fiction: “365 Tomorrows”

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My latest flash fiction piece has been published by 365 Tomorrows.

I’ve had this story idea kicking around for awhile now, a sort of homage to the site which has published so much of my work. If you enjoy the sample below, please follow the link to the full story.

“So anyway, do you want to go out Saturday night?”

I asked the question abruptly, after an uncomfortable amount of small talk. Stacey’s eyes darted away from my own, looking across the park where we’d agreed to meet. I told her I just wanted to discuss our latest exam, but she saw right through me. Together, we’d endured the awkward conversation, the unbearably plutonic walk along the garden trail, and now the lingering silence that followed the true reason for our meeting. She would say no. I knew she would say no. I was prepared for it. And still it stung.

“No,” she said, offering little explanation. The answer was direct and blunt.

“Okay,” I said, sighing despite myself. I was prepared for this. “I’ll just try again tomorrow.”

“Really, John?” Stacey asked, watching as I pulled a small device my pocket.

“Really,” I said, pressing the large button in the center of the device. As soon as I pressed the button, her beautiful face faded from my sight, the sunlight went dim, and I felt a falling sensation as I awoke in my bed once again. It was 6:00 am, the same morning, and now I had a second chance at asking her out. I whistled along each step of my morning routine, readying myself for tackling the day once again. I showered. I shaved. I took extra care of my appearance, making some minute changes from the day before, wondering what would increase the odds of Stacey saying yes to a date.

As I slipped out the door a few hours later, on my way to the park where we were scheduled to meet, I picked the device up off the coffee table and read the meter on the back.

3-6-4, it read. Three hundred, sixty-four more attempts.

Read the full story at 365tomorrows.com